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Sadie Lee Summers 01-22-08 9pd 11ou 22inches!

Ok, so she's already a few weeks old but I have to start from the begining.....It all started Sunday afternoon with sparactic contractions that went on all through the evening. I was able to fall asleep for a few hows but woke up with the contractions still there. About 1:00 the pain was really intense so I called into the Hospital. They said, so casually, to take a shower, grab a bite to eat and come get check But I did. We went to McDonalds and people were looking at me like I was crazy as I had to get up and walk through by contractions in the Middle of McD's. It felt like forever but we finally got across Golden Gate Bridge to my hospital, Kaiser San Francisco by this time I was dieing. We got checked in.....I was only 1 cm! But they kept me there becuase my water had started leaking.
I wanted to go as long as I could with out any meds...well that lasted to about 3 cm, granted it was a couple hours. I felt like I really wanted to enjoy this experience and I definently wasnt while I was in so much pain. So I called for the anatheglogist but before he could get there he was called into a emergncy Csection...and then another one! It was over 2 ours and several centimeters later that I had pain relief. Which was hard time becuase I felt like I had givin up my battle and was sooo ready for the epidural.
While the anestgilogist was setting me all up I had a cluster of contractions...which was the almost the most painful part of labor because I had to be completly still as he stuck my back...I wans't free to breath or walk through the contractions. Sidenote - I had a very unusual labor inwhich I didnt ever have the norm 1 min contractions 3 min part....I kept having spartic clusters of them. 3 contractions over a minute long back to contractiosn for 6 minutes.....2 contractions each 2+ min long. My doctor siad she never seen anything like it but that it was working for my body becuase I was progressing and didnt have to have potosin at any point.
Back to getting the epidural, after the cluster was through and the doctor was done, I laid down and suddenly the babys heart rate dropped. The nurse called out some medical term over the intercome and in rushed a team of doctors shoving things in me to stablize her. Ofcourse, I started crying becuase it sound so scary. I looked over and Matt who had to find a seat because he had gotten overwhelmed. It turned out that the cluster of contractions had 'stressed her out' and her heart rate return to normal fairly quickly. When the epidural set in and I was able to fall alseep for hour, after laboring all day and now into the night, I was exhuasted! They woke me up to check me at 4ish...and I was there...10 cm. So I started pushins for about 2o min and nothing was happening. The nurse decide that the baby wasnt quite low we waited another hour. 5 am We started again, however, I could feel the contractions to push when I needed to. So they turn down by epidural....1 1/2 later there was no more pian relief and no baby insight....2 hours later still no baby.....They called in the head doctor to dicuss an emergency Csection becuase her big head had been suck in the same spot for over 2 hours. By this time I am screaming..."Just get this thing out of me" and "turn my meds back on". it was a very surreal time for me. We finally decide to try suctioning her out (I wasnt listen to the debate any more...all I could do was push. I felt like I was pushing my brains out.) So they stuck the vaumn on her head and I pushed like they was no tomorrow and FINALLY her head popped out! Everyone said that the rest of the body would just slide out but ofcourse not with my toddler...I had to push her shoulders out. But there she was so precious.But she was here...8:11 am, after 24 hours of labor! All Matt and I could do was stare at each other in disbelief. And yes there were tears. The nurses took over the the fluresent light for all the checks while I had to sit there and get sown up, so not fair. There were a lot of big words flying back in forth with the doctors..for the first couple of minutes she was not moving her left shoulder and arm. So I just started praying. They were able to get movement out of her and came to the conclusion they were just numb from being stuck for so long...let me remind you over 3 hours!! But we are all healthy and healing just fine (besides the fact that it me two days to urinate again)....God has blessed us with so much joy from this little girl.

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