All you need is Love....

Before we had a chance to get out Texas we were snowed in!! It was quite an adventure on our second night as newly first I was excited to see so much snow coming down like that then I was informed by my newly wed husband how silly I was......The snow just kept coming faster and traffic was moving 5 mph down I10. We were in the middle of west Texas no hotel in site. We called around but they were all booked. Finally we found a room open at a Motal 6 in the next town....however as we got closer we realized they had closed the freeway down and were making everyone the very exit we needed to take to get to the hotel!! We got to the hotel just to found out we got the very last room available which happen to be smoking.......thankfully we had some wine from the wedding.

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Grace is our only Hope

Augustine: For grace is given not because we have done good works, but in order that we may be able to do them.

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