Parties and Parties...Catch Up 2 of 5

We got to spend Christmas with a good friend, Fillip, and his Mother and sister. It was a lot of fun to take the train down to where they are living and stay the night on Christmas Eve. We got to taste traditional Portuguese Christmas dinner/lunches and desserts. boiled potatoes and cabbage and Cod fish for Christmas Eve, and the left overs for Christmas Lunch....And LOTS of deserts and fruits.

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Parties and Parties...catch up 1 of 5

December and January were months of celebration...and not just Christmas but also lots of birthdays! It was bittersweet being our last Christmas in Corsica, so we tried to soak in all the activities and snow! (though I still detest the cold) This is downtown Corte, where they had a Christmas Parade for the children.

some of Sadie's Friends.

Here's a little video of it. One of our friends was Mickey Mouse (and another one Dora, who Sadie hit in the face out of fear but I dont have that on video!) was quite funny. Sadie is still very frighten by these large creatures. And Yes there is a character named, Oui-Oui (Wee-Wee). And of course Matt makes jokes at his expense. 

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Gotcha Day 02/12/11....One Less

Thanks for all your prayers....Tatian and Sadie are playing together as I write, Tatian laughing at everything move Sadie makes and Sadie still trying to figure all this out. They arrived safety yesterday afternoon. I think Matt may sleep for a few days but Tatian was up bright and early checking everything out.....That was ok bc I had some GOOD Ethiopia coffee that Matt brought home! I am still in awe of how God orchestrated it all. There was so much we where unaware many unknowns and so much waiting but our gracious Father in Heaven provided everything we needed along the way. When we need strength he gave us some, sometimes just enough to get us through. When we needed encouragement, he gave...when we needed money, he gave us some of that too. And now as I sit and watch this cute little boy peek his head in and out of the living room, flashing that big pearly white heart skips a beat.

Please pray for Matt to get some great rest and for Tate's continued adjustment.  Please also pray for Tate's viral skin infection that he came home with. Fortunately, its something pretty common and that can be treat easily.

Sadie reaction was very funny. She was at a friends house while my friend and I picked the boys up from the airport and when we return I went and brought her to our house. She just stared for a while. I didnt get any photos of it but Matt has some video I will put up soon.

Here they are! Finally the airplane arrived! This is now one of my favorite photos ever.

Checking out all the rooms.

After she warmed up, Sadie instantly wanted to play mama.

Getting ready for our first night!

This is them playing this together this morning. :)



Sadie is all ready to meet her brother today! All dressed up in her Ethiopian Dress that 'Tatian got her' we went to court last November.

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We are coming...

To bring you home little man! 
We got clearance this week and Matt is leaving Sunday Morning to travel to Ethiopia! We will be a family of four come the next Saturday Afternoon. Please pray for safe travels, on time flights, transitioning with a toddler and for the US Embassy Appointment to go smoothly. 



Grace is our only Hope

Augustine: For grace is given not because we have done good works, but in order that we may be able to do them.

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